Equipment Available Now for Projects on Rental, Contracting or Sale Basis

Energy & Communication Subsea Cable Installation Package for shore end or platform to platform projects.

  • AT-1 Jet Sled (click here for specifications)
  • Motorized Self Contained Hydraulic Reels (click here for specifications)
  • Winch 50 Ton, Hydraulic with Power Unit
  • Heave Compensator (Dynacon) (click here for specifications)
  • Jet Pumps 6x6
  • Reels Umbilical for Water Jet Hose and Hydraulics
  • Precision Survey/Cable Lay Burial Sled Tracking and as Buried Reporting System
  • Cable Management System
  • Stern Shute Two Meter, Three Meter
  • Articulated Hydraulic Cable Manipulator
  • Amphibious Marsh Transporters and Excavators
  • Heavy Duty 6x6 Tractor, Carriers and Winch Trucks
  • Emergency Response Generator Truck with Switch Gear
  • Reel Trailers
  • New 20' & 40' Sea Containers
  • Small Vessels for Barge Handling and Shore Ends
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