AT-1 / Aqua-Terra Jet Sled

The AT-1 is a subsea jetting sled operational since 1984, modified and redesigned for the trenching of submarine utility cables.  It is capable of jetting or mechanically trenching cables to a burial depth of approximately 2 meters and can be operated in subsea water depths of 50 meters.  AT-1 has an optional 3 meter burial injector tool with an hydraulic trencher.  AT-1 can also provide a complete navigation package with personnel including real time burial depth, pitch and roll interface with GPS at survey grade accuracy with as-builts.  AT-1 can provide a complete containerized operational cable management system with control room, winch, motorized cable reels, heave tensioners, jet pumps, tensionmeters including a LARS (a launch & recovery system).

The AT-1 has an Hydraulically Articulated Cable Injector that can adapt to different depth, length and width of power or Fiber Optic Cables including the option of a Hydraulic and mechanical trencher attachment for non fluidized soil such as clay, cobbles or corrals.

The Hydraulic Reel System 12'x12'x12' can carry over 40 Kilometers of 1" Cable or 6,000' of 4" wire.  It is totally self contained with Hydraulic control for the Jet Sled and has small Hydraulic Winches for holding the Jet Sled in position under water.  The minimal deck space required is 14' wide x 40' long.

Specification and Availability of AT-1

  • Length 6.0 Meters
  • Width 4.5 Meters (assemble)
  • Dry Weight 5.5 Tonnes
  • Max Operating Depth 50 Meters
  • Max Trenching Depth 3 Meters
  • Max Trenching Speed 7.5 Meters/Per Minute (soil conditions favorable)
  • Max Jetting Speed 12.5 Meters/Per Minute (soil condition favorable)
  • Net Buoyancy Floats in 1 Meter of Water
  • Water Pumps 1 or 2 Depending on Soil Condition
  • Max Ben Radius 1.9 Meters (can be modified)
  • Modifications can be made to the AT-1

The AT-1 Jet Sled is available and ready to ship anywhere.  Located in Gulfport, MS. US.
Sled can be shipped in a 20ft sea container

Aqua-Terra Contacts:

Dan Deslauriers (228) 323-3953
Aqua-Terra Maritime

Traci Ritchey (850) 346-2875
Aqua-Terra Maritime

Dan is also available for consultation for project planning and/or any equipment modifications

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